President of ICMI

Shokichi Iyanaga

  1. Contents
  2. Resolutions of the Congress
  3. Notes


Contents (pp. 3-5)
1. The Planning and the Programme of the Congress (p. 9)

This chapter contains the analysis of the planning of the Congress, of the choices, and of the content. It is divided into three parts: 1.1 Planning, by Heinz Kunle - Chairman of the West German sub-commission of ICMI; 1.2 The Programme, by Hans-Georg Steiner, Chairman of the International Programme Committee; 1.3 The congress in action

2. The Main Lectures
SIR J. LIGHTHILL, The Interaction between Mathematics and Society (p. 27)
M. F. ATIYAH, Trends in Pure Mathematics (p. 61)
P. HILTON, Education in Mathematics and Science Today: The Spread of False Dichotomies (p. 75)
A. KIRSCH, Aspects of Simplification in Mathematics Teaching (p. 98)
G. TH. GUILBAUD, Mathematics and Approximation (p. 121)

3. The sections and Poster - Sections (p. 139)
3.1. A and B Sections
3.2. Short Communications (Poster Sessions)

4. Further Congress Activities (p. 289)
4.1. Panel Discussion: What May in the future Computers and Calculators Mean in Mathematical Education?
4.2. Exeter Working Groups
4.3. Study Groups
4.4. Workshops
4.5 Projects
4.6 Films and Exhibitions

5. Appendices (p. 381)
5.1 ICMI and Congress Recommendations, by H. G. Steiner (p. 383)
5.2 Conferences 1972-1976 Co-sponsored by ICMI
5.3 Meeting and Association Leaders
5.4 Congress Committees
ICME 3, Karlsruhe 1976, Opening lecture. On the front row from the right:
Kunle, Mrs. Kunle, Iyanaga, Mrs. Behnke, Bent Christiansen, Hanne Christiansen, Steiner and wife, Greenhill

Resolutions of the Congress

  1. ICMI should continue and increment its cooperation with other associations devoted to furthering mathematical and scientific education.
  2. National Subcommittees if ICMI should be reactivated. In fact many countries are not active in both matters of national concern and in international cooperation and contacts.
  3. Internationally composed committees, working groups and study groups have been established in preparation for or during in order to study and further particular areas of research in mathematical education, as HPM or PME. These are invited to continue their work. Moreover it is recommended that the theme "Women and Mathematics" be an explicit theme of ICME 1980.


One volume, format 20,5 cm x 14,5 cm; 398 pages.
At the end of the volume there is an additional list of participants, but no list for the participants.
The results of the thirteen "sections" of the Congress were collected in a book published by
UNESCO, New trends in mathematics teaching, Vol. IV (1979), prepared by the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction.
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