President of ICMI

Jean-Pierre Kahane

 Jean-Pierre Kahane
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Foreword (p. vii)
Plenary sessions
Socio-Cultural Bases for Mathematical Education - Ubiratan D'Ambrosio (p. 1)
Reflection and Recursion - Jeremy Kilpatrick (p. 7)
Discrete Mathematics - Renfrey Potts (p. 31)

Action Groups
  1. Early Childhood Years (p. 49)
  2. Elementary School (Ages 7-12) (p. 57)
  3. Junior Secondary School (Ages 11-16) (p. 73)
  4. Senior Secondary School (Ages 15-19) (p. 84)
  5. Tertiary (Post-Secondary) Institutions (18+) (p. 95)
  6. Pre-Service Teacher Education (p. 111)
  7. Mathematics in Adult, Technical and Vocational Education (p. 124)

Theme Groups
  1. Mathematics for All (p. 133)
  2. The Professional Life of Teachers (p. 146)
  3. The Role of Technology (p. 159)
  4. Theory, Research and Practice in Mathematical Education (p. 177)
  5. Curriculum Development (p. 187)
  6. Applications and Modelling (p. 197)
  7. Problem Solving (p. 212)

Topic Areas
  1. Evaluation, Examinations and Assessment (p. 227)
  2. Competitions (p. 243)
  3. The Teaching of Geometry (p. 254)
  4. Relationship Between the History and Pedagogy of Mathematics (p. 256)
  5. Language and Mathematics (p. 261)
  6. Psychology of Mathematics Education (p. 273)
  7. Research and Teaching (p. 284)
  8. Theory of Mathematics Education (p. 293)
  9. Teaching of Statistics (p. 300)
  10. Women and Mathematics (p. 306)

Invited Addresses
Presidential Address - Jean-Pierre Kahane (p. 315)
Public Forum (p. 328)
The Effect of Technology on Mathematics Education (p. 346)
The Nature of Proof (p. 352)
Debate: The Microcomputer: Miracle or Menace in Mathematics Education? (p. 359)
Specially Invited Presentations (p. 373)
The work of ICMI (p. 380)

List of Participants (p. 382)
 TME-group: B. Christiansen, H.-G. Steiner, C. Gaulin
        TME-group: B. Christiansen, H.-G. Steiner, C. Gaulin


The congress was held in Adelaide, Australia, August 24 - 30.
According to the Foreword, attendance numbered more than 1800 participants from over 70 countries. In addition to the working sessions, there were three major plenary addresses, several specially invited presentations, and over 420 individual papers in the form of short communications, either as posters or brief talks. In addition, there was a variety of exhibits, film and video presentations, and workshops. In all, more than half of those attending the Congress made a direct contribution to the scientific program.
Most of the presentations and papers prepared for ICME 5 are not included in the proceedings.
The Presidential Address is in fact a plenary about Mesures et Dimensions. In the Public Forum, as well as in the Specially Invited Presentations, some local situations about the teaching mathematics are presented. The other two main invited addresses are held respectively by H. O. Pollak and Phillip Davis.

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